Battlefield V’s Latest Trailer Showcases Multiplayer, Battle Royale and More

With the arrival of Battlefield V approaching in just a couple of months, the devs at Dice feel now’s as good a time as any to offer a full look at the FPS title’s feature set. The newest Battlefield V trailer provides a full rundown of the launch features and future updates planned for the shooter, including a look at multiplayer and its take on battle royale.

battlefield v trailer

Battle royale in Battlefield V is known as Firestorm, which quite literally changes the familiar closing safe zone walls into a series of fiery explosions. Firestorm will have 16 teams of four duke it out in a sandbox environment, with a large variety of vehicles and destructible buildings in the game’s largest map to date.

Multiplayer modes for the shooter will total eight, including the new Grand Operations mode and fan favorites like Frontlines and Conquests. The trailer also points out new features like improved movement and gunplay, the ability to build fortifications on the fly, and deeper squad mechanics.

Beyond launch, all players of Battlefield V can look forward to regular updates. The Tides of War will carry the shooter through the span of World War II with new weapons, combat roles and other features, all without a premium pass.

Players can check out what’s new either through a planned open beta on September 6th or in the full trailer below.

Our Thoughts

It certainly looks like Battlefield V is taking a number of queues from some of the more popular current shooters out there, which ultimately could make this FPS one of the tastier stews in the genre. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see where things stand come open beta and launch, but both those dates won’t be too long in coming.

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