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Battlerite Extols the Virtues of Backstabbing

When it comes to MMO or gaming melee combat, few things feel as satisfying as a well-placed dagger in your opponent’s back. The Battlerite backstab mechanic, which came with update, is the subject of a new dev blog discussing the rationale behind the addition of backstabbitry.

battlerite backstab

According to the dev blog, introducing backstab to Battlerite is intended to heighten tactical decisions in players, with forcing someone who is surrounded to quickly consider their target and who to not present their back to being offered as an example. Flanking and considering whether to chase down a fleeing opponent are also cited as strategic scenarios enhanced by the addition of backstab.

The post also addresses the concern of a combo that stuns or disables an opponent in order to unleash a backstab attack. According to the post, most players have precious little time as it is to position themselves behind the target.

Ultimately, backstabbing in Battlerite could not even make it into the final game. “While we intended on including backstab in the patch and will continue to test internally, there are no set-in-stone plans on its future,” explains the post.

Our Thoughts

Battlerite is still in something of a state of development, so perhaps backstabbing will indeed be phased out or otherwise adjusted. Either way, it does appear that the devs of this game are trying to take into consideration as much behavior as they can.

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