Star Wars: The Old Republic Unveils Anarchy in Paradise

Bioware Dispells SWTOR Megaserver Rumors

A recent post by Eric Musco on the Star Wars TOR official forums addresses the rumor that has been circulating that an SWTOR megaserver is in the works. The rumor was started due to a misunderstanding of the update 4.3 patch notes which were released yesterday morning.

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The patch notes that caused the confusion mentioned the following change: “New Gameplay Focus Areas! Both PvP and PvE instances are now available on any server, allowing friends who prefer any gameplay type to play together on the same server. Players can toggle their focus via the mini-map icon.” Some players misunderstood the message, thinking that they indicated that a megaserver like restructuring was in the works. Yesterday afternoon, another post was made clarifying the message in the patch notes: “By the term “Megaservers” I presume you think we are collapsing multiple servers together… These changes were only designed to allow friends to play together, regardless of their personal playstyle. Now someone who wants to play on a PvP server can play on the same server as their friends who don’t want to.”

The rest of the patch notes were less ambiguous. Players who are interested in learning more should read the patch notes as well as the clarification post.

Our Thoughts:

It’s funny how something as innocent as some patch notes can sometimes cause such rumors, even when the source material is pretty clear in its message. Anyway, the change sounds like a good one; friends change servers, start new characters, join different guilds, and so on all the time, all across servers. It’s nice for people to still have a way to do things together.

Source: forum post

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