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Black Desert: Awakening Weapon System Makes Each Class Unique

While we wait on news of Black Desert’s Western arrival, we can’t help but look overseas to see what we might be in store for. And today we are not disappointed as Steparu has given us some details on the Awakening Weapon System!

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What Is It?

Pearl Abyss and DAUM are adding job specific weapons for every class which will add to each one’s distinctiveness. At present, most classes share weapons with one another with just a couple of exceptions in the Giant and Female Archer, so by adding new exclusive weapons for each individual class, each class will have more of a unique feel to it, but also will become more powerful and more versatile. Once an awakening weapon is equipped, classes will open up a wider range of attacks and spells.


Who Gets What?

Black Desert

Image Credit: Steparu

So far, we know that the Warrior class will be getting a Greatsword, the Giant is getting a Fist weapon, and the Sorcerer is getting a Scythe.

From the concept art shown, these weapons look pretty awesome and while we don’t currently have very much information, we do very much hope to see this system in the North American and European Black Desert client.


Source: Steparu, Black Desert Official Website

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