Black Desert Makes Almost 1.9 Million Euro In One Week

Daum Kakao, the Korean publisher of Black Desert, has announced cash shop sales data from the end of December.

Black Desert, a sandbox oriented game created by Pearl Abyss, is in a word, gorgeous. Using thier own special Black Desert engine created to render the world, you can see why people might want to splash out with a little extra cash for that extra look.

Black desert

On the shop from December 24th to December 31th, cash shop sales had reached 2.3 billion South Korean won, which according to comes out at nearly €1.9 million as of the mid market rates today.

The two important questions of course are as follows. Firstly, can they keep up such high sales numbers going forward or was this just a seasonal thing as people splash out before the end of the year?

Black Desert

Secondly, when can we here in Europe and America get our hands on it? Maybe juding the game by its looks rather than its content is silly. It really really is silly… but still. We haven’t had anything that quite looks like that and I’d love to give it a shot.

For an example of the cash shop, check this video by Gaming Channel


Official Site: Black Desert (Korean)

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