Black Desert Online Adjusts Node Wars to Halt High-Level Abuse

Black Desert Online recently opened up its Node Wars system in order to further incentivize participation, but as is often the case with these things, players found a way to take a nice thing and try to ruin it for everyone else. In response, a couple of minor but impactful adjustments are incoming.

node wars system

The removal of minimum participation requirements and standardization of tax ratios between Node tiers led to higher-level guilds swarming lower tier Nodes. This meant that newly-formed guilds were being matched with higher-powered ones.

In order to limit that abuse, guilds occupying Tier 1 Nodes cannot fight for Tier 2 Nodes or above in Node Wars. Conversely, guilds with Tier 2 Node holdings or higher cannot battle for Tier 1 Nodes.

These new changes are due to come online after BDO’s maintenance on October 24th. As a result of these changes, Node Occupation information will be reset during this week’s maintenance. Additionally, guilds who want to take part in this week’s Conquest War must occupy one Node in Tiers 3-4 between October 24-26 after the maintenance.

Our Thoughts

Something something can’t have nice things. Still, it’s good of the devs to make these adjustments in order to make BDO’s Node Wars system more fair for everyone taking part. Unless, of course, some guilds manage to figure out a way to abuse this system, too.

Source: official forums

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