Black Desert Online Archer Class Now Available

It is time to take careful aim, the Black Desert Online Archer class has been unlocked for play. The Archer comes on to the scene with both the main weapon, Crossbow, and the class Awakening weapon, the Greatbow. Taking in the launch trailer, it’s clear that Pearl Abyss loves the motion that they have built into the class with the Archer moving like a forest Elf on fast forward.

If you got on to the game early last week to pre-create your character there were rewards for doing so but if this class has caught your eye and inspired you to come back to BDO or try it out, there are yet more rewards to be had in three different events.

First off from now until January 9th they are running the Archer 1+1 Dual EXP event where you can gain the same amount of XP (outside of boosts) that you get on your Archer with one other character. You can find the steps laid out here:
There is also a Level Up Event where rewards can be obtained for every milestone level you achieve on your Archer.

Finally there an EXP boost event with +100% combat EXP and +30% skill EXP through the event period until January 9th.

Suffice to say they really want to get you on an Archer and help you fly up the levels. Given that you can level an alt at the same time, that seems like a good deal.

Maybe it’s fate that the Archer in all of the promotional material has the blonde surfer look or maybe it’s the abiding influence of Legolas in popular consciousness, or maybe it’s just a good segue into the other Pearl Abyss news, but they have opened their first US office in Manhattan Beach on the west coast.
“The Manhattan Beach office will serve as an important regional office for Pearl Abyss’ continuing growth and success, and our self-publishing efforts in the western market,” said senior vice president Jeonghee Jin.

What will this mean for future endeavors for Pearl Abyss? We’ll keep an eye on hiring calls in the LA area to see what comes.

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