Black Desert Online KR Previews Upcoming Content

Today, we’re going to look to Korea in order to divine BDO’s future here in the West. A Black Desert Online GM note posted on the Daum website has offered some intriguing news of what’s coming next for the Korean – and, by extension, the Western – version of the game.

black desert online gm note

The devs of Black Desert Online have a lot of new features arriving to the sandbox MMO, though a specific date was not provided beyond “the second half of the year” for the Korean client. The post does explain that development has shifted away from weekly updates as a result of too little time for “pure development” of content.

As for those upcoming features, here’s a rundown of what to expect:

  • Rahm’s Enlightenment, AKA The Second Awakening, which looks to combine two non-Awakened skills into a more powerful skill in order to make original weapon skills more viable.
  • The Black Spirit Training Dummy will become permanent, letting players attack a dummy and earn grinding XP, even while AFK. It is noted that the XP gain will not be as high as normal grinding.
  • A new Siege Axe siege weapon that can break down enemy fortifications at a command post. The Siege Axe’s damage will not scale off of player AP/DP, so even low-level players can wield it effectively.
  • The Mystic Awakening, which will reportedly be “applied with a different concept and make her stronger than ever”.
  • A new tutorial system to help players acclimate to grinding and combat. The devs eventually want to introduce tutorial quests for fishing, cooking, and alchemy as well.
  • A selection of new high AP/DP items to help players get used to Enchanting
  • Vell, the Heart of the Ocean, which will require powerful ships to take down but will also yield the best Alchemy stone in the game.
  • A Luxury Auction House with rare or completely unique items up for bidding.
  • A Camp system that will let players deploy a tent in the open world that sells potions or repairs gear. The tent can be carried by a horse.
  • Several new costumes that were designed by players.

Our Thoughts

That…is a LOT of new stuff to look forward to. Of course, since these are all features arriving to the Korean version, we have no idea when Western players will see these items. Still, it’s good to know what’s coming so players can be ready!

Source: official site

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