Black Desert Online’s Mystic Gets a Teaser Trailer

Kakao Games and PearlAbyss have opened up the information vault on the Black Desert Online Mystic, the new class that’s due to arrive to the sandbox MMORPG. The info dump includes details on the background and skills of the new playable character, along with a teaser trailer for those who like moving pictures.

black desert online mystic

As assumed by many, the Mystic is a female version of the recently-released Striker class. The Mystic employs swift punches, powerful high kicks, and heavy punch and should charge moves that let her unleash rapid devastation and set up for a finishing blow.

Of all of the information provided, the announcement still does not offer a firm release date, though the class’ earlier reveal does mention that the Mystic will arrive in the latter half of this year. Until then, you can check out the teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

She’s definitely a firecracker. The ability to rapidly assault foes and polish them off with a powerful shot could mean that this class will be an excellent single-target attacker. We’re looking forward to seeing more of the Mystic, as well as the additional playable content arriving to Black Desert Online, over the next several months.

Source: press release

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