Black Desert Releases New Open World Boss for Valencia

Most of us probably haven’t had the chance to play Black Desert just yet, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t massive suspense for the game’s western release. Especially when you hear that an epic new open world boss has been added to the game!

Just a month after adding the region of Valencia, a region mostly covered in sand, developer PearlAbyss has decided to add a new boss to the region to further challenge players in their adventures. The boss, a wingless dragon, is (loosely translated) called Verbier and is the second raid-class open world boss to appear. Players will have to overcome debuffs such as heat stroke and the sandstorms to defeat this mighty creature. Being the toughest and most menacing creature in all of Valencia, the dragon will drop rare weapons if you are able to defeat it. A short trailer revealing the monster can be viewed below:

Valencia: The Golden Age arrived on July 23 for the South Korea server. Valencia is the fifth and most eastern city on the world map of Black Desert and is in fact the last place before the original world map requires expansion. The scenery around Valencia is mostly that of golden sands and dry lands, but because of water sources it’s still a liveable area for humans. Its rapidly changing temperatures will cause players to lose health due to severe heat during the day and freezing temperatures during the night.

Source: MMO Culture

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