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Black Eye Games welcomes motion capture technology to Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis receives yet another update this month. Although being totally dependent on donations from the community, Black Eye Games manages to take a huge step forward with signing two new employees, and adding motion capture technology to the game.

Today Black eye Games has released yet another update concerning the development of the medieval MMORPG game Gloria Victis. This month, Black Eye Games comes with the news of siging three very important employees who will be working on the lore of the game. Jacek Komuda and Marciej Jurewicz both have earned their stripes in the business with writing lore for The Witcher and Bulletstorm, the third employee remains somewhat of a mystery, but more information on that person should be available in the near future. Black eye Games states the following about the signing of the two new assets to the team:

“The first piece of news is that we welcome three new members to our development team: two of which are Jacek Komuda and Maciej Jurewicz. Jacek is a famous Polish author who has had dozens of his works published, both Jacek and Maciej have written for projects such as The Witcher and Bulletstorm. Together, they will be responsible for writing captivating lore for Gloria Victis. We hope to show a few lines of the lore without spoiling it in the near future, for now we have their word that the lore will be gritty, bloody, dark and styled like classic RPGs.”

As mentioned above, the second important announcement made by Black Eye Games, is that they managed to buy the equipment for the motion capture technology. Where the movements of the characters in Gloria Victis used to feel a little stiff, we can now look forward to fluent motions of the characters in the near future. A decapitation with the flick of the wrist? Or perhaps that arrow trick Legolas pulled off in Lord of the Rings; stabbing one goblin through the eye and then using that same arrow to shoot another goblin from afar? Ok, I am getting carried away here.

This is what Black Eye games has to say about the motion capture technology equipment that they purchased:

The second piece of major news is that based on your comments as well as comments from our wider fan base on other websites we have decided to invest in motion capture technology. We managed to receive enough donations to make a first installment towards the capture equipment, something we could not have done without all of those that donated towards Gloria Victis, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again and to remind you that there will be special thank you gifts other than simply Pre-Alpha access to our large donors. All animations will now be reworked with our new equipment to give a more fluid gaming experience. Keep your eye out for news in the coming weeks since we will perhaps have a video showcasing the new animations.”

So we have Motion Capture Technology, famous writers ready to bring the lore to the public and there is more! In their update Black Eye Games also mention the implementation of warbands and a second nation to the game:

In other news, we have completely reworked our database for the implementation of our complex sandbox crafting system, the ability to create warbands as well as the addition of a second nation. Players in this upcoming update will be able to fight for the glory of their standard as well as for the honour of their nation, all of which will be available on even lower computer requirements due to the many optimizations in our coding we have made in the past month. We expect this update to take us over a month but we will keep you all constantly updated with the progress of this monumental update.

So far for the update on Gloria Victis, we will be back with more next month. Oh, and you guys better keep an eye out for a special ‘thing’ coming up on concerning this game. That is all I can say for now…

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