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Blade & Soul Reveals 9th Playable Class

Blade & Soul hasn’t even officially released in the West yet, yet the 9th playable class has already been revealed by the Chinese publisher of the game – Tencent Games. The reveal happened at the annual Tencent Games Carnival, and it was pretty awesome.


The new class is called, loosely translated, Qi Master, and is a mixture of two already playable classes: Kung Fu Master and Force Master. It’s not as simple as 1 plus 1 though. The class can handle both melee (high explosive damage) and long range (heal and support). The Qi Master is easy to play, but pretty difficult to fully master. The class can function as a proper DPS, but is also able to provide support in the form of resurrection. The true masters of the class surface in PvP, where a mixture of melee and long range is necessary to win a battle.

The class is showcased in the TCG 2015 trailer below, starting from 2:10. In the video you’ll see the Qi Master in battle with a Destroyer, and it nicely displays its ability to turn the tide unexpectedly. Will the Qi Master make the Force Master and Kung Fu Master superfluous? Well, if you’re in China you won’t have to wait too long to play the Qi Master. The Western folk among us will have to wait, however, as the class will not be available upon the game’s launch.


Our Thoughts

The Qi Master looks like a fun class to play, even though it seems like one of the easier ones in Blade & Soul. We’re definitely excited to try it out, even though we’ll have to wait a while for it to come to Western servers. Why is life so cruel?!


Source: MMOCulture

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