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NCSoft Announces Blade & Soul Subscription Increase

An update to the Blade & Soul Premium Membership pricing was just posted on the game forums. It appears that NCSoft has decided to operate a Blade & Soul subscription increase in order to bring the price of the subscription on par between the currencies accepted as payment (EUR, GBP and USD).

New Blade & Soul Servers Are On the Way


You can compare the old and the new prices in GBP below:

blade & soul subscription increase

old pricing GBP

blade & soul subscription increase

new pricing


There is however some good news for those who already own a Premium Membership or plan to get one before June 1! The post mentions that currently subscribed players will not be affected by the Blade & Soul subscription increase as long as their recurring subscriptions remain active and any new recurring Premium Membership activated before June 1 will retain its current price.

Our Thoughts:

If you already have an active membership and are sure about keeping it, it’s probably for the best to maintain a recurring subscription for Blade & Soul to avoid paying more. In any case, players do not seem to be very happy about this change and are pointing out other price disparities, for instance EU players overpaying when buying NC coins in-game. Our guess is NCSoft should be taking a second look at the math to avoid angering their playerbase, subscribers or not.

Source: Blade & Soul forums

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