Blade and Soul Unfurls the Wings of the Raven

The Wings of the Raven update is coming to Blade and Soul, bringing a host of new features while simultaneously being one of the coolest names for a content update in recent MMORPG memory.

Wings of the Raven will be introducing two new 24-player raids to the game; Dawn of Khanda Vihar and Skybreak Spire. The latter is described as the hardest challenge in Blade and Soul yet as players square off against Lusung, the man responsible for the destruction of the Hongmoon School.

In addition to the new raids, weapon evolution is being streamlined significantly, as weapon progress will now be tied to Chapter completion up until Silverfrost. From there, weapon upgrades move onward to the new Raven weapons line, while other weapon upgrade paths will require fewer materials.

The Wings of the Raven update will also apply some changes to PvP Battleground schedules, launch the Blade and Soulmate event, and make some adjustments to the Tower of Infinity.

Wings of the Raven goes live on February 8th. Information and patch notes can be read here.

Our Thoughts

Considering how arduous climbing the weapon and item progression paths can be, the changes to those systems in this update are most definitely welcome. Of course, those already at the end game of Blade and Soul should definitely be excited for the new 24-player raids. Overall, Wings of the Raven sounds like an awesome update!

Your Thoughts

What do you think of the Wings of the Raven patch? What new piece of content are you going to try out first? Share with us in the comments section.

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