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Blade & Soul Update Timeline Revealed

In the most recent producer’s letter, Blade & Soul producer Nico Coutant unveils the schedule of updates that are currently planned for the rest of 2016. The Blade & Soul update timeline gives not only a rough indication of when these changes and additions can be expected, but also what those changes and additions will be.

Blade & Soul Update Timeline


The producer’s letter is quite extensive, touching on a number of things concerning Blade & Soul, but centers on the speed at which updates have thus far been released; “…we understand the quick release of content has left some of you feeling pressured to complete all the existing content as fast as possible in order to be ready for the next quick release,” Coutant states. “To help alleviate some of your concerns, and allow you to better plan your character progression, we’ve put together an overall look at the content coming out this year.”

To that end, the producer’s letter includes an extremely helpful infographic which breaks down the remainder of the year into three quarters; Q2, Q3, and Q4, and then describes the content, chapters, dungeons, and so on that will be released during each of those periods. According to the Blade & Soul update timeline image, ten new dungeons will be released over the remainder of the year, three of them being 24 member dungeons, along with new story chapters, skills, soul shields, and even a new class, the Soul Fighter.

Players who want to know more about the Blade & Soul update timeline or who would like to read the letter in its entirety should read the official producer’s letter post.

Our Thoughts:

The speed at which MMOs release updates and expansions these days is pretty franctic; ten years ago, a major expansion or update every year or two was the norm. Now, most games see several per year, with some (Looking at you,

Source: Blade & Soul Producer’s Letter


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