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Blade & Soul Western Release Altered Despite Previous Statements

Even though NCSoft originally stated that the Western release of Blade & Soul wasn’t going to be censored, various changes have been made to the game to make it seem that way.

Earlier this year, NCSoft claimed that Blade & Soul wouldn’t be censored before it arrived in North America and Europe, but the company doesn’t seem to think that altering content is the same as censorship. According to Reddit sub-forum Kotaku In Action, various parts of the game have been altered to appeal more to a Western audience.

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These alterations include removing or changing quests, streamlining the good vs evil theme, turning lingerie into a cash shop only item, and toning down default character poses. To make matters worse, Surnames have been removed and memes were inserted into character dialogue. Not only do memes dumb down quest text, but they also date the game before it’s officially released.

One of the larger issues, that sparked community discussion in the first place, was when a quest was completely re-written. Initially, the player was supposed to be helping an NPC get their libido back through a few less-than-honorable tasks. However, in the Western version the NPC pervert was changed into a scholar who is studying a tribe instead of attempting to have sex with them. Furthermore, there have been reports of forum posts criticizing the localization being deleted instead of forwarded to the development team.

Our Thoughts:

Blade & Soul has a lot of adult themes and is already rather sexualized. Therefore, it doesn’t really make sense to censor the game when its intended audience would prefer the original content.

Source: Official Forums

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