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Blade & Soul: Windwalking in the Earthen Realm

Martial artists in Blade & Soul are capable of exceptional feats, but nothing is more admired than the ability to defy gravity through windwalking. It’s a manipulation of a martial artist’s inner chi, as well as the chi of the natural world. By exerting control over these forces, they are capable of propelling themselves over land and sea, and effortlessly gliding through the air. It is a mastery of their physical selves, spiritual selves, and of their harmonious existence with the world around them. But how do you master the art of windwalking?

A Quick Introduction

Also known as qinggong, windwalking can only be achieved when outside the physical exertion of combat. By either double-tapping the forward (W) key, or holding Shift while moving forward, movement speed is instantly increased. Using windwalking will allow you to travel over water, up walls, and through the air. But there’s a catch; it requires great concentration, thus windwalking can’t be maintained forever. While windwalking is in effect, you’ll be consuming stamina – a green bar shown below the character’s health. The exception is that no stamina is consumed while gliding, and instead the gentle descent will allow you to regain stamina, allowing for combinations of sprinting and gliding to quickly bound throughout the Earthen Realm. While gliding, players move slower than the increased windwalking ground movement speed, but you of course have the advantage of flying far above the heads of your enemies. Players who master the mechanics shown below can even sustain their glide for extended flights.

Blade & Soul - Dragon Pulse

There is also the opportunity to travel even greater distances by activating a Dragon Pulse. Dragon Pulses are yellow beams of energy found throughout the world. Once activated, they propel you across great distances, both vertically and horizontally, to arrive at a specific location.

Unlocking Windwalking Abilities

At the very beginning of your adventures, you are taught the basics of windwalking. You’ll learn to sprint across the ground, and then glide gracefully through the air.¬†Once your abilities improve, the secrets to dashing across the water, propelling through the air, or vaulting over obstacles while maintaining your momentum will be revealed.

Blade & Soul

In the even more advanced stages of your progress, you’ll be able to learn to dive out of the sky without taking damage, increase your stamina, or race up a wall via specialized training.

I must say, I’m pretty hyped to start gliding through the world of Blade & Soul. It’s not exactly flying, but it comes close to it, without actually needing wings. What do you think of windwalking? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Blade & Soul Official Website

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