Bless Online to Address Nerfing Added in v1.0.0.4

Over the past few days, a great deal of players have been reacting unfavorably to some significant nerfs to skills applied in Bless Online v1.0.0.4. A word from the devs has brought up this topic and directly addressed the matter with a rough roadmap of what adjustments are being done and when.

bless online v1.0.0.4

According to the post on the game’s Steam page, the initial adjustments were added in order to push the game’s chain-reliant combat system and the bonuses landing successful chains offers, along with making end game content challenging. In doing so, however, they recognize that solo and low-level play has suffered.

So, in response, Bless will be taking four different steps over the course of the next few weeks to re-adjust things. The first two steps will involve lowering the HP or defense of monsters in the field and in low-level dungeons and increasing chain bonus values. The next two steps will involve directly ramping up DPS numbers and an adjustment of skill cooldown times and resource use.

The first few tweaks to Bless Online’s combat should be expected in a patch sometime early this week, while the DPS and cooldown tweaks will be arriving later, but will also be done carefully so as not to upset PvP and PvE balance.

Our Thoughts

While the time-to-kill in Bless Online definitely felt better overall after, we agree that there are still some knobs that need to be turned in order to find a good balance. This, however, does raise the issue of how Bless Online’s skill values between PvP and PvE don’t seem to be separate from one another, which could bring in continued annoyance from players on both sides of the gameplay spectrum.

Source: Steam

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