Bless Online Adds a 15v15 PvP Battleground

So hey, how about that missing end game, eh? Well, that aspect of the MMO has gotten a wee bit fuller perhaps with the addition of The Peninsular War, a 15v15 PvP battleground being patched in to Bless Online today.

the peninsular war

The Peninsular War pits the Hieron and Union factions against one another in a southern peninsula (duh) to fight for control of different bases – four standard bases and one special base. Points are earned based on the number of bases held, with the first to 20,000 points or the side with the highest point total after 15-25 minutes getting the win.

The devs recognize that playing the same battleground over and over could quickly grow stale, so approximately each week or season, there will be new modifiers added to attempt to spice up the instance. Additions like scattered useful items, sky bridges that link to bases, or reduced mana cost and cooldown of skills are a few such modifiers.

Battling in The Peninsular War will net 100 Combat Points upon defeat or 300 points upon victory, along with additional points for completing a daily quest and extra points whether you succeed or fail. These points can be used at the in-game Special Currency Store.

This new PvP instance is the first of several promised updates to Bless Online scheduled to arrive “on a regular basis”, which is said to include more PvP, dungeons and classes. The announcement, however, did not provide any timeline for when these updates will arrive.

Our Thoughts

Alright, well…it’s a start. A 15v15 battleground isn’t exactly what many would consider ground-shaking content, but something would certainly be better than nothing and, ideally, the sooner (and cleaner) new content is added, the better off things will be. Unless, of course, this game has already burned too many bridges less than a week out of early access.

Source: press release

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