Bless Online Discusses Combat, Character Growth, and Cash Shop

One of the sticking points that held back Bless Online’s initial arrival to the West was combat – a hurdle that the devs have said appears to be cleared. In a recent dev blog, we get a closer look at just what Bless Online combat will look like after these new adjustments, along with a sneak peek at several other changes due for the game’s Steam release.

bless online combat

According to the post, the game will introduce what it’s calling “rhythmic combat”, which involves players picking two different Stances out of six possible choices, selecting four general skills, and then executing combos to apply extra effects. The post does warn that combos can be difficult to pull off, but mastering the system can bring forth out a class’s full potential.

Mechanics for skill acquisition and skill growth are also getting tweaked, with equipment advancement systems and skill leveling systems that will be in place to grow your character. One such skill-leveling system is the use of Gems, though the post does promise that the amount of money you spend will not affect how many gems you earn through gameplay.

Players are also going to be rewarded for teaming up with one another through party-wide buffs that the party leader can activate. Two such buffs – one combat effect and one non-combat effect – can be chosen depending on the number of classes, races, and party members. Ideally, this will reinforce the idea that MMOs are better when played together, whether players are in combat or not.

The post also touches on the game’s cash shop, which is broken up into two fronts; the Content Token Shop, where players can get functional items using currency earned only through in-game activities; and the Lumera Shop, which has cosmetic and convenience items that can be bought with Lumena real money currency. Players can also exchange Content Tokens for Lumena if they wish.

The post also offers a brief look at the new tutorial, guide quests, adjustments to the game’s content pacing, and upgrades to the world’s monsters. You can get all of the details right here.

Our Thoughts

We’re not sure what “rhythmic combat” means exactly, but it sounds like timing will play a larger role, perhaps like reaction skills or other combat combos used in a game like Blade & Soul. In any case, a lot of these adjustments definitely sound like a vast improvement for Bless Online overall.

Source: Steam

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