Bless Online Offers Class Combat Previews

If you were among those who found last week’s class teasers a bit underwhelming, then perhaps these more recent Bless Online class combat previews will be to your liking. The devs of Bless have offered up small video vignettes of each of the game’s classes in action, along with briefs on how each one plays.

bless online class combat

Each class has gotten information about resources, skills and playstyles, along with a video showing these in action for about a minute-and-a-half.

  • As one would expect, the Guardian is a tanker that builds up a Bravery resource, which lets them switch to a stance that empowers their attacks.
  • Berserkers wade into battle in one of two stances: Blood Leech, which returns some of the damage dealt as health; and Bleed, which expends health in order to dish out more pain.
  • Rangers also have a stance-related benefit that helps them build a resource currently referred to as “prudence”, which offers damage and defensive benefits.
  • The Paladin class deals healing or other buffs through combat, with every third strike in a combo offering some benefit to themselves or the party.
  • Finally, the Mage’s attack chains grant benefits depending on which element – fire, air, or ice – is used.

According to the post, each video is taken from an in-development build and so the names of many of the skills are yet to be finalized. You’re invited to watch each preview video over on the Bless Online Steam page.

Our Thoughts

We don’t have a point of reference for whether or not these class skills are better than they were before since we’ve not played Bless Online previously, but we have to admit that the game’s combat does look rather kinetic. We assume that the “circle of death” strafing was less for actual tactical benefit and more for presentation purposes, though.

Source: Steam

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