Bless Online Offers Login Rewards in October

The month of October has 31 days in it. So if you’re a regular player of Bless Online, then you’ve got 31 different times you can collect free stuff to during the Bless login rewards event that will be running for the month.

bless login rewards

Between October 1st and 31st, players who “check in” for a cumulative number of days will net themselves a variety of free goodies that include XP potions and Taming Scrolls among other items. For those who login 15 consecutive days, you’ll have a bundle of Sapphires, Rose Stones and Beryls waiting for you, which are required for character ability growth.

The announcement does mention that players do not lose progress for the consecutive number of times they login if they miss a day, as the login counter will simply pick up where you left off. It also clarifies that the login reward can be claimed by any character on your account, but redeemed and sent to the mailbox of only one character.

There are a number of details to bear in mind for this login event, so make sure you check the game’s Steam page for all of the information.

Our Thoughts

Hm…curious timing, this. We wonder if the month of October holds some form of significance, but then again that perhaps is reading in between lines that aren’t there. In any case, free stuff is certainly nice but we’re more interested in knowing if these goodies are enough to get people logging in on a regular basis to Bless.

Source: Steam

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