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Bless Online World Boss Preview Available

The Bless Online beta testing is bringing us a lot of exciting previews. This week’s highlight comes via Steparu, hardcore gamer and Youtuber, who posted about his experiences with world bosses.

Bless Online world boss preview

It appears that the world bosses are instanced, which means that there are limited spots for players, and entering the zone is done on a first-come first-served basis. Players of the enemy faction are able to invade the area and steal instance slots beforehand. Entering the world boss instance is done by walking into a beam of light which teleports players to bosses instantly, without any additional action or clicking required. There are three world boss instance spots on the world map; two are located near the main factions’ cities, Hieron and Union, while the third is in a contested zone. However, only one world raid instance per day occurs in one of those three spots. World bosses spawn at 20:00 KST only, but sometimes also at 22:00 KST during special occasions.

Steparu provided two gameplay videos related to world bosses. The first one is only about killing the world boss, however in the second one we can see the mayhem (or fun?) that goes on when the world boss is in a contested zone and factions are able to try and PvP each other out of the kill and their loot. Loot and rewards from world bosses include crafting materials for accessories and two flying mounts per kill that are temporary as they only last for seven days. For now, it is not confirmed how the loot system works and if the faction that deals the most damage is the one to receive loot.

Our Thoughts:

Bless Online’s mix of PvE and PvP looks like a lot of fun and chaos at the same time judging from the gameplay videos. We are not sure if everyone will appreciate this style of playing, but it certainly seems very dynamic and engaging. Are you excited to try Bless Online? Let us know!

A big thank you to Steparu for his Bless Online world boss preview and videos!

Source: Steparu’s original post

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