Blizzard Announces Rebranding

Blizzard have revealed their intentions for a rebranding as a result of “occasional confusion and inefficiencies” associated with the service.


According to an official post by Blizzard, the service was launched at a time when an online gaming service was more of a novelty. However, as a result of online multiplayer being an assumed feature of most games nowadays, Blizzard is removing the moniker and simply rebranding it to the Blizzard company name.

As far as the service itself, there will be no adjustments. “ technology will continue to serve as the central nervous system for Blizzard games—nothing is changing in that regard,” reads the post. “We just wanted to make sure everyone was aware as we moved forward with this change over the next several months.”

Our Thoughts

O…kay? Obviously Blizzard have their reasons for removing the moniker from their online games portal. This doesn’t seem like a huge matter, but then again if people were getting somehow confused by the association of Blizzard products and, then it’s just as well that they change their name.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about this change to the Service Formerly Known as Give us your take in our comments section.

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