Blizzard Discusses what to Expect from the WoW Classic Demo

As BlizzCon inches ever closer, there’s a sect of World of Warcraft players hungry for the halcyon days of the game’s earlier life. In a brief rundown from a blog post, those fans are getting some initial details on the WoW Classic demo content they’ll be able to get their hands on when the demo goes live.

wow classic demo content

The playable demo will focus on outdoor questing and will start players at level 15. The demo will feature two zones familiar to fans of the MMORPG: Westfall for the Alliance side and the Barrens for the Horde. All of the familiar zone quest quirks are said to be making a return, such as low beak drop rates for Ornery Plainstriders or the Harvest Golems being resistant to some of your abilities.

What won’t be available in the demo, however, are the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns dungeons. PvP will also be limited to only dueling, and as one would perhaps expect, the two zones offered in the demo will be the only ones available.

While WoW Classic will mostly be the throwback those fans crave, there will be a variety of more modern features still available in the demo, such as colorblind mode, right-click reporting features, zero tolerance for bots and cheaters, and support for widescreen monitors.

Our Thoughts

Well, we continue to hope that this demo of WoW Classic won’t end up being a monkey’s paw for fans of the MMORPG and that the demo sates whatever hunger classic fans have. It will definitely be interesting to see how fans react to this demo version of the game.

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