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Blizzard Are Suing a Studio Who Are Suing a Studio… Again

In rather familiar news, Blizzard Entertainment are suing a game studio who are suing a game studio, as it came out that Chinese game company Snail Games are taking Chinese game developer Skymoons and publisher iQIYI to court over mobile game The Journey of Flower which Snail Games claim infringes on copyrighted material in their game Taichi Panda. But Snail Games are already in a lawsuit with Blizzard Entertainment over Taichi Panda character designs, which they say infringes on World of Warcraft copyrighted material. Keeping up so far?

Snail Games are making claims the The Journey of Flower is a direct rip-off of Taichi Panda, which isn’t an entirely out there claim when you see the comparison for yourself. The lawsuit states that The Journey of Flower uses an almost identical user interface, gameplay systems, upgrade paths, and overall design and the game is all too aware of this as it turns out they have placed a filter on their in game chat system that blocks any message containing “Taichi Panda”.

Blizzard Taichi Panda Journey of Flower

Meanwhile, Blizzard are embroiled in a lawsuit with Snail Games over Taichi Panda’s panda bear character model which Blizzard claim resembles the Pandaren race from World of Warcraft much too closely. This disagreement is still ongoing.

These court cases with Chinese mobile developers are becoming far too prevalent and are getting the country quite the reputation, so much so that the Office of the United States Trade Representative placed China back on to its priority watch list for copyright violations. Ouch.


Source: GamesBeat

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