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Blizzard Unveils the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship

2017 in Heroes of the Storm eSports is about to get bigger than it ever has with the announcement of the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship.


The new structured series of contests that make up the HGC will feature eight of the best teams from North America, Europe, Korea and China, with Qualifiers, Clashes, a Mid-Season Brawl and two Crucibles. It all leads up to an HGC Grand Finals to cap off the end of the Heroes eSports season.

The Qualifiers begin for North America and Europe after this year’s BlizzCon, with Denial eSports, Astral Authority, FNatic and Team Dignitas already confirmed. The Open Qualifiers will determine which teams get the six remaining NA and EU slots. Korea has confirmed Ballistix and MVP Black, and will fill out their final six slots with special tournaments. Finally, China’s eight teams will be selected from The Gold League.

Once each region has their eight teams, the HGC regular season begins, featuring weekly battles set to livestream at each region’s prime time. After five weeks of matches, the top three teams from each region and representatives from Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan will be invited to Western or Eastern Clashes. These Clashes are exhibition matches and will take place twice throughout the year.


May and June marks the halfway point of the HGC season and the Mid-Season Brawl, which pits the top 12 teams from every region against each other for a $250k prize pool. The best teams from each region in the HGC will automatically punch their ticket to the Brawl, while the remaining slots are decided by playoffs between the second through sixth place teams. Once the Mid-Season Brawl is complete, the standings will be reset and the format continues again with weekly matches, Clashes and the HGC Grand Final in November 2017.

If that wasn’t enough action, an HGC Open Division will also be available, letting teams register themselves and fight for a chance to join the HGC proper in two Crucibles. The top Open Division team will get the opportunity to choose an opponent from the HGC and square off in a best-of-seven competition for the right to join the league. The Crucibles are scheduled to happen before the Mid-Season Brawl and after the HGC Finals.

The HGC has its own official website with more details, announcements, schedules and other listings that will be updated as information becomes available.

Our Thoughts

The Heroes Global Championship sounds like the sort of structured league that Blizzard are keen to get themselves started on. The upcoming eSports scene in Heroes of the Storm is looking like the busiest for the game yet, and we are itching to find out which teams will be added to the league and how every match will go down!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the HGC? Are you excited to see weekly Heroes eSports action? What teams are you hoping will be included in the league? Give us all of your thoughts below.

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