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Blizzard Unveils New Trailer for Their Upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has just unveiled their newest Tech Alpha trailer for their upcoming MOBA title called Heroes of the Storm. The trailer is a walk through for their game, showcasing features, gameplay and in-game menus, quests, tutorials and much, much more!

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Their latest blog post goes into more detail on everything that’s been said in the trailer, such as details on the availabilty of heroes, try-before-you-buy feature, leveling your account, new skins, mounts, in-game currency and all the different game modes. Every player starts with a horse mount so don’t worry about having to save up money to get one. And of course, the game is free-to-play, and there will be a rotation of 5 free heroes every week for you to play. You can of course, buy heroes with real money or in-game currency. Skins are also bought with real money. Anyway, why am I still talking? Check out their trailer down here!

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