Blizzcon 2014: The Hearthstone World Championship 2014 Scores

The Hearthstone World Championship

The 2014 Hearthstone World Championship ended on November 8. After almost a year of professional competitive play, the first ever world champion has been crowned. The tournament consisted of sixteen teams, four from each corner of the world: America, Europe, China, and Asia. The matches were executed in a best of five format, with three classes available to each player per match. Losing players were forced to switch decks, and winners continued using victorious decks. Here are the scores from the tournament.


The coveted Hearthsone Championship trophy.



Tiddler Celestial vs. Tarei

Final Score: 3-1, Tiddler Celestial

Kranich vs. Kolento

Final Score: 3-2, Kranich

Kaor vs. Firebat

Final Score: 3-1, Firebat

Strifecro vs. DTwo

Final Score: 3-2, DTwo


Tiddler Celestial vs. Kranich

Final Score: 3-0, Tiddler Celestial

Firbat vs. DTwo

Final Score: 3-2, Firebat


Tiddler Celestial vs. Firebat

Final Score: 3-0, Firebat


Firebat, an American, won the first ever Hearthstone World Championship

Like many of the other tournaments at Blizzcon this year, The Hearthstone World Championship was a game of underdogs. Kolento, the favorite to win the tournament, was knocked out in a close quarterfinal match against Kranich. Strifecro, another high seeded player, lost to unknown DTwo. Firebat swept the quarterfinals and easily advanced to the semis.

In the semifinals, Tiddler Celestial defeated Kranich in a clean sweep while Firebat pulled off a narrow victory against DTwo.

The finals were a landslide. Firebat defeated Tiddler Celestial 3-0 in a walk-away victory. Both players opened with druids, and Firebat easily overcame it. Tiddler Celestial tried to counter, but his arsenal was ill-equipped to fight back. In the end, Firebat, an American, claimed the first ever Hearthstone Championship title.

Prize Distribution:

Numberguy, FrozenIce, Qiruo, RunandGun, Greensheep, Tom60229, Lu Xiaobu, and RenieHouR received $5,000 for placing in the top sixteen. Tarei, Kolento, Kaor, and Strifecro received $7,500 for placing in the top eight. Kranich and DTwo received $15,000 for third and fourth place, Tiddler Celestial received $50,000 for second place, and Firebat received $100,000 for winning the Hearthstone World Championship.

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