Blizzcon 2014: New expansions, Heroes of the Storm, and Overwatch

This year has been a big year for Blizzard. This year marks the tenth anniversary of World of Warcraft and the twentieth anniversary of Warcraft. “This is an extra special celebration for us,” said Mike Morhaime. “This is our biggest [Blizzcon] yet.” And it has been so far.

World of Warcraft will introduce a new charity pet in December. 100% of the proceeds generated from the new (unannounced) pet will go to the Red Cross and Ebola relief efforts around the world.

Two new sites have been released today for the new Warcraft movie. Moviegoers can choose which faction to support in anticipation of the upcoming film. Here are the links:

Heroes of the Storm has released new Alpha footage. New characters have been released, including Jaina and Thrall. The gameplay teaser trailer also hinted at new game modes and maps, including Sky Temple and Tomb of the Spider battlegrounds. Blizzard teased new character skins and introduced the new Lost Vikings playable character. Closed beta will start on January 13, 2015.

Hearthstone will be available for Android in early December, and Alliance and Horde will clash once again in the first ever Hearthstone expansion: Goblins vs. Gnomes. The expansion will introduce over 120 new cards, such as Explosive Sheep and Annoyotron. The expansion will launch next month. It is currently playable at Blizzcon.

Starcraft II announced the Legacy of the Void expansion, the conclusion to the Starcraft II story arc. Legacy of the Void–although technically an expansion to the vanilla game–will be marketed as a stand-alone game. New players will be able to jump into the story without having to grind through previous titles. New multiplayer units have been announced; the Lurker is back. Developers also introduced Arcon mode, a game that allows teammates to work together to control a single base and army.

The characters for Overwatch look amazing.

Finally, Blizzard introduced their newest game (their first new IP in seventeen years), Overwatch. Overwatch is a new team-based multiplayer shooter that combines gameplay elements from Borderlands and Team Fortress 2 to create an all new gaming experience. The game (although the engine has not been specified) looks great with next-gen graphics. Playable characters will include Hanzo, Reaper, Winston, Torbjorn, Bastion, Mercy, Widowmaker, Zenyatta, and Reinhardt. Gamers interested in more information can visit the official website here:

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