Block N Load

Block N Load Adds Hero Switching and Voice Chat

Jagex releases the newest patch for Block N Load today. The new update adds some quality of life and matchmaking improvements. A preliminary version of the in game voice chat has been implemented. Players can also now switch between heroes after being killed in friendly matches. For more information on the update please see the official patch notes.
Block N Load
Hero Switching

Hero Switching is now enabled in Friendly matches by default, and Custom matches if the host of the match enables it. This allows you to choose a different hero when you have been killed. Be aware that switching your hero, or their block loadout, will destroy any blocks which you have placed which are not available to all heroes.

Voice Chat

A preliminary version of voice chat is now present. You will only be heard in the Hero Select screen and in a match. Only your team will hear anything you say over voice chat. You can turn voice chat off completely in the settings menu if you do not wish to hear other players (Settings > Audio). This will stop you hearing anything other players are saying, and will stop you from being heard by other players.

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