Breakaway Alpha Open to the Public All Weekend

The first of Amazon Game Studios’ titles, the 4v4 team sport Breakaway, has begun its first major performance. Through this entire weekend, the Breakaway Alpha test will be completely open to the public.


The game is in a true Alpha state, with the devs warning that the game is incomplete and that players might experience “rough edges”. Regardless, the alpha test does not fall under an NDA and will let players stream and share their experience on any platform they wish.

The Alpha will also introduce a couple of new pieces of content since its last playable version at this past year’s TwitchCon. A new Atlantis arena has been added, described as a dual-lane arena that is shorter than the El Dorado map but also wider. The map also features two buffs that give each warrior gold or a boost to defense. A new Champion by the name of Victor is also being added; a long-range “nuker” character who lacks mobility but offers powerful burst damage.

The Alpha build also features tweaks across the game’s roster, Curse team voice integration, and a new character progression model which will grant players the chance to unlock character perks, skins or taunts.

The Breakaway Alpha test runs from now until 10am PST on December 19th. Patch notes for the game are here, and those who want to get playing can do so here.

Our Thoughts

It would appear this game is perhaps a little further along in development than we expected! We are genuinely intrigued by the concept of Breakaway and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game and see what Amazon Game Studios’ first title is all about.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about Breakaway? Are you going to be joining in on the Alpha test, or will you wait for more information and impressions? Tell us below in our comments.

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