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Legendary Shows How Warcraft’s Orgrim Came to Life

The Warcraft movie is truly beginning to take shape, and you may recall the absolutely fantastic Orgrim Doomhammer sculpture from San Diego Comic Con! If not, let us refresh your memory.

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Gratuitous Metzen

Legendary have tweeted out a series of images of Weta Workshop bringing Orgrim to life for SDCC and we wanted to share these with you!

Bringing Orgrim to Life

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Each still shows the painstaking work and detail that went into this stunning sculpture of one of Warcraft’s most famous Orcs. From the crafting of his leather gloves, to the threading of his savage beard (we had to get the word ‘savage’ in here somewhere), and the very last touches that made the statue look so frighteningly real. Weta Workshop did a truly amazing job of Orgrim Doomhammer and we are truly impressed.

Warcraft Movie Interview

While there is still no footage for those of us unlucky enough to not be at Legendary’s panel at SDCC, where seven minutes of movie footage was shown exclusively, The Nerdist have published an interview with the cast of the Warcraft movie that you may like to check out if you’re dying for a bit of Azeroth movie goodness.


Source: Legendary Twitter

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