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Broken Circle: New Star Trek Online Episode Announced

Star Trek Online announced a new featured episode this morning. Broken Circle is the final part of the Iconian Conflict.

New Episode: Broken Circle


Broken circle is the final chapter in the Iconian Conflict. Diplomacy has failed, and players must band together to defeat the Iconians.


From the developer blog:

The war has gone poorly for the Alliance. The gateway technology of the Iconians allows them to be everywhere at once and to vanish like smoke when threatened.

We had hoped to find some way to defeat the Iconians, some weakness we could exploit. We had hoped that our alliance with the Krenim might produce some advantage. And it might have, if we’d had more time.

But our time just ran out.

And so we have come to our final, most desperate hour. We must put into motion our last resort: an all-out assault on the Iconian forces. Although we stand little chance of success, we have no other options. Our assault will likely fail, but if we do not fight them now, we will certainly fall.

Broken Circle will launch on July 16; it will feature space and ground combat on a massive scale. And, for a limited time, level 10 players can join in the action. After four weeks, the mission will be available to level 60 players only.


Source: Star Trek Online

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