Browser MMORPG Pandimus Open Beta launched today

Browser MMORPG Pandimus Open Beta launched


Barcelona, January 18, —–Bitroit S.C.P., an Online game software and mobile device developer in

Barcelona, announced today that it has launched the open beat of its first Browser-based MMORPG project Pandimus on January 18, 2010.


MMORPG has become increasingly popular than ever before, but we are very confident the new-generation browser MMORPG —œPadimus will usher in a new era and lead the

trends." said Angel, co-founder and CEO of Pandimus. "This online browser game is even more remarkable because we have three much experienced programmers who

spent two years making Pandimus possible.”

From its alpha beta to the closed beta of Pandimus, our team has gained much valuable feedback and

suggestions from our passionate players. We have, as promised, rewarded our dear players with free premium accounts” angel said “In the final version, player account

will be saved forever. What is more, we have 100 limited accounts upgraded on a daily basis, hopefully, that will help our players grow fast.”

Featuring Total character customization, Total variety of equipment, Skills and attributes, Quest, mission and working system, Pandimus is based on a medieval epic

world. In Pandimus, you can completely customize your hero, discover all the zones, some secrets, defeat your enemies, and get thousands of different items and treasure as


The game is intended for casual gamers and gamers who can play while working. Players can improve their characters completely with missions,

training based on time or they can explore adventures with their friends and try to beat the bosses in a party.

Pandimus has been designed and developed

since the company was founded in 2008 . At the moment, upon the final release version, Players can play this game directly by signing up an account and play for free. For

more please visit its official website.



Pandimus is a medieval web based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Pandimus allows an amazing interaction with other players

via their chat, map and party system. The final version of Pandimus launches on January 18, 2010. In Pandimus, you could be the best in the rankings, both in tournaments and

adventures and in the statistics. Buy and sell items to other players via the auction house, train, and complete quests.

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