Bungie Discusses The Taken King

In their most recent dev blog post, Bungie discussed several features of their newest expansion, The Taken King

The Taken King







Yesterday, Bungie gave players and community members a little insight on their development process for The Taken King. In it, they discussed the Dreadnaught–its architecture and some of its crew.

From the dev blog:

Conceptually, we’ve dreamed of facing the Hive on their own ground for a long time. With the development of Destiny: The Taken King, we’ve had the chance to fully realize the Dreadnaught.

On paper, the Dreadnaught is one of the biggest ships in Destiny. Its size is awe-inspiring and somewhat frightening. Comparing concept images with in-game stills, the development team put a lot of effort into making the ship feel giant.

From the blog post:

It was important to us that you would feel the scale as you moved through the hulls of the Dreadnaught, never sure about what to expect as large spaces condensed to claustrophobic tunnels before revealing entirely new areas of the ship. A sense of wonder about the unknown is what drove a lot of the spatial design. It was an incredibly fun challenge to find the right balance between a mysterious tomb ship and the flagship for the Taken fleet – to capture the idea of this unfathomable threat, a monstrous spaceship captained by the Taken King, yet filled with vast caverns and unknown passages.

The new opponents inside the ship are equally as menacing. The Darkblade, specifically, looks nightmarish.

From the blog:

The Darkblade along with many other Hive abominations are waiting for you on board the Dreadnaught. Oryx has built an army for them to lead, bristling with combatants that were taken from our world, twisted by the Darkness, and sent back to prevent you from looting their fortress.

For more information, visit the official Bungie dev blog here.


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