Bungie Explains Decision to Replace Peter Dinklage for Destiny

Last week Bungie announced that all of Peter Dinklage’s work would be removed from the game, with video game veteran Nolan North re-recording all of the old lines and recording new lines for the upcoming expansion. Until now there had been no comment on why exactly he would no longer be the voice of Ghost in the popular Sci-Fi shooter, but many speculated it was due to his unenthusiastic performance in Destiny that he would be removed from the game.


However, according to executive producer Mark Noseworthy, it actually came down to an issue of availability. He spoke to Game Informer and said the decision mainly came down to “Hollywood nonsense”. He also explained why they picked Nolan as their replacement for Ghost.

“Dinklage was awesome to work with but we needed to work with someone who is more available. Nolan is a pro, this is his thing. You can just call him up and say ‘hey, next week we’re doing this internal play test and it would be great to get some Ghost dialogue in there’. And he’s available.”

Instant availability is apparently crucial for the future of the character, as Ghost will now be more important in the game’s story, offering lore when bits of the environment are scanned. Missions from the original Destiny are being reorganised as well.


Source: IGN UK

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