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Bungie Responds to Destiny 2 End Game Lockouts

Shortly after the Curse of Osiris expansion released, players found out that Destiny 2 end game activities were no longer available to them unless they bought in. Bungie has now addressed the matter in a blog post with some planned changes to alleviate the matter in the short-term.

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According to the post, the intention of the end game Power shift was to keep the content relevant, something which didn’t happen with Destiny 1 in particular and the Vault of Glass in specific. That said, the devs admit that they got it wrong.

As a result, a hotfix will be deployed that will bring the Prestige Leviathan raid back down to Power 300, while activities such as Nightfall and Trials of the Nine will be unavailable to base game players if the activity in question features a map from Curse of Osiris. These activities will be otherwise open to everyone all other weeks.

Additionally, limited-time activities such as Faction Rallies and Iron Banner will be open to every player and will not require Osiris to participate.

All of these fixes are expected to be launched today after scheduled maintenance. Moving forward, the devs will be looking into adding a third tier of difficulty to Prestige activities in order to provide a relevant challenge to expansion content buyers while still offering a playable option for base game players.

Our Thoughts

The hotfix will certainly make base game players happy while the third tier of difficulty could make everyone else happy. This is what you call a win-win. While it’s unfortunate that Bungie got it wrong initially, what matters now is that they’re willing to take steps to make it right and for that we commend their efforts.

Source: Bungie website

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