Bye Bye 2009, hello 2010 (message from MMOhub)


I want to thank you all

for being around us in 2009. Our uber-super-junior-senior and more-moderators were online almost 24/7. Whenever I log in…I see one of them. My god, that’s amazing. thnks so


And the visitors…we learned from your statements, the good and the bad. I realy think this site has grown with your input. We have seen up’s and down’s in

2009. The new design turns out very good cause in december we doubled traffic. Every day over 20.000 USA people are visiting this site. We see people coming from other

countries too and next week we launch this design in Germany, Brazil and Spain.

Ah, so much more to come. MMO developers are calling us to give us more giveaways

and other fun content. We added a play online games section ( to have some

fun to play games online too.

Many ideas are there for 2010, but before we go into another crazy year…Thank you for visiting us in 2009, hope to see you back in

2010 and most of all; keep feeding us with ideas, tell your friends about us (twitter, facebook etc) so we can grow even faster and become the number 1 MMO site of the

world…cause I be honest, our team is aiming for that. everyone needs goals in life!!!


target=”_blank”>Serpentius, not world domination, just the number 1 site

Over and out!

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