Cabal Online has released its largest update ever

ESTsoft Inc. is a North American based international game publisher, and developer of the free-to-play acclaimed hit Cabal Online. Cabal online is an MMORPG, and today ESTsoft Inc is proud to announce their latest patch called: Episode X: Gladiator.

A new battlestyle has entered the Cabal Online world. For the first time, the fearsome Gladiator has entered the fray. The Gladiator is a brand-spanking new class with new armor, weapons, abilities, transformations, and more. The Gladiator is an adept master of combat, specializing in a mixture of long and short ranged attacks. Utilize new rage-consuming abilities and guide your fury to unleash havoc upon your foes.


Not to be confused with Cable Online.

A new battlefield has come into town for Cabal Online. Enter the Forest of Nostalgia to experience a competition you have never experienced before. There is however a familiar feeling added to this new battleground, it’s a MOBA-styled battleground. Rush towers, defend lanes and lay waste to wandering creeps. explore the jungle and ultimately destroy the enemy team’s Ancient Relic to win the game.

Master of Chaos is also a new challenge coming with the new patch update, an all-new dungeon called the Infinity Arena. Battle for survival when facing wave after wave of enemies. Only the bravest and hardiest of champions are able to survive this dungeon.

The Chaos Upgrade system is available as well. This entirely new upgrade system exists exclusively for Chaos items. With this system you can push your equipment beyond the limit it has never before seen. But be warned: When something goes wrong, your equipment could be destroyed forever. So play it safe, with this new “all or nothing” upgrade system.

In other words, this is their biggest update patch to date. New hairstyles, equipment, costumes, achievements, dungeons, battlefield and countless balance fixes. Check out their trailer down here:

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