Catholic Version of Pokemon Go Introduced called Follow JC Go

A new game has been released that is a Catholic version of Pokemon Go called Follow JC Go. The goal of the game is quite simple, head out into the world and collect famous religious figures. There isn’t any fighting in this game and no, you won’t be trying to stuff Saint Patrick in a tiny ball. Instead, you answer some of their questions and if you get them right they’ll join your team. You can also collect items that will allow you to eat, drink, and pray to increase your levels for those stats.

The game also encourages players to do things in real life. If a player passes a church they’ll be encouraged to pray. Going into a hospital players will also be encouraged say a prayer for the sick. There’s also a charity donation button in the app, though which charity the money goes to hasn’t been specified.

The game was made by Fundación Ramón Pané, a Catholic evangelical group in preparation for World Youth Day 2019 which is being held in Panama in January. World Youth Day is an event held regularly for young Catholics to attend from all over the world. Between 300,000 and 5 million youth and their adult supervisors attend the event.

Follow JC Go launched in Spanish on October 19th. It is expected that Portuguese, Italian, and English versions will be released in the coming weeks.

Though it wasn’t made by the Vatican, as has been reported elsewhere Pope Francis has heard about the game and seems to be a fan of it.

“You know, Francis is not a very technological person, but he was in awe, he understood the idea, what we were trying to do: combine technology with evangelization,” Ricardo Grzona, executive director of Fundación Ramón Pané, told Catholic news site Crux Now.

Source: BBC

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