Dust 514

CCP Merging DUST 514 With EVE on January 10th

DUST 514 is an upcoming free-to-play SciFi MMOFPS for PS3 which is setting a new standard for cross-platform gaming by linking to PC MMORPG EVE Online. For a while now, players in the DUST beta have been battling it out with players on the EVE Online test server.

That’s all about to change according to CCP’s latest post in their dev blog, with the DUST 514 beta merging with the live EVE Online servers on January 10th. From this moment forth players will be able to finally interact with each other, and recruit mercs in to their corp.

DUST 514 characters will be once again wiped, although CCP promises that this should be the last time. If you’ve been waiting to start working on your DUST toon, now you have your date. To find out more about DUST 514, visit teh game page.

Source: Dev Blog

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