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Celebrate 20 Years of StarCraft with Heroes of the Storm

This week, the renowned RTS StarCraft celebrates its 20th anniversary and Heroes of the Storm players can earn exclusive loot. Additionally, one of the most iconic StarCraft heroes of all time, Fenix, has entered the Nexus in his Dragoon form.

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Players who log into Heroes of the Storm by April 23, 2018, will receive classic Terrain, Zerg, and Protoss portraits so that they can show off their favorite race. There’s also a ferocious new Zergling mount, with three variations, that can be purchased with Gems or Shards. If you don’t currently have all of the older StarCraft heroes unlocked, there are a variety of discounted bundles available. Finally, StarCraft themed brawls will be introduced throughout the event, such as Deadman’s Stand where players must survive deadly waves of Zerg.

Of course, a Heroes of the Storm event wouldn’t be the same without a theme-specific hero, and this is one that players have been requesting for quite some time. Fenix, the legendary Zealot and Dragoon, was resurrected once again to continue his fight in the Nexus.

Last week, Heroes of the Storm players got their first look at Fenix with his spotlight and list of talents, which you can read about here. With a vast array of firepower at his disposal, Fenix is a mobile, ranged assassin that can deal a significant amount of sustained damage. Depending on talent selection, he can also have a global presence on the battlefield or adapt a more burst-oriented damage style.

Fenix is now available in Heroes of the Storm for 750 Gems or 1500 Gold.


Our Thoughts

As someone who grew up with StarCraft, I was incredibly excited to see that Fenix was finally joining the HotS cast. However, I was initially a little skeptical because the original Dragoons could do little more than walk and attack, but I was pleasantly surprised once I actually got the chance to test out his kit. Currently, he seems to be doing a little more damage than he ought to, given his high mobility and survivability, but I’m sure Blizzard will adjust his numbers if things seem out of place for too long.

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