Celebrate Hoverboards in WildStar’s zPrix Invitational

Hoverboards are a great thing, and WildStar is apparently aware of that! This is why the recently turned free-to-play MMORPG by Carbine Studios is celebrating the anniversary of their invention – October 21st – with the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational!

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The event will bring hoverboard-centric gameplay and lore to WildStar players over a five-day period. Galian “Doc” Zemmet’s companyzem Tech created the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational Event for Nexus. Its courses, known as zTracks, are for hoverboard riders who want to explore the limits of their gravity-defying planks with like-minded individuals across faction lines. During the celebration, players will be able to ride the various courses as much as they want. You’ll really want to focus on the daily quests to complete each respective race for the celebration-exclusive loot though.


Hoverboards are Serious Things

For those of you who aren’t familiar with hoverboards just yet, allow us to get you up to speed (because hoverboards are speedy too, get it?). Just imagine a skateboard, where the wheels and trucks have been replaced with devices that allow it to hover a few inches off the ground. No more bumping into uneven sidewalks and or struggling to get over small debris. WildStar’s hoverboards are a unique category of mounts in the game, as they can hover over water and other liquids, allowing you to cross a pond without having to wade or swim. Their top speed is, however, a little slower than a typical mount, so it’s a bit of a tradeoff. Trying out lots of different types of mounts is probably the best way to go to see what you like best. For this event, you’ll want to stick to your hoverboard though!


Ride or Die

The three zTracks on Nexus are installed in three disparate zones. There’s the lush, forested Celestion, the dry and rocky Deradude, and last but not least the icy slopes of snowy Whitevale. Each zTrack has a daily quest associated with it, which offers its own set of rewards. Some will overlap with each other to make collecting the whole caboodle a little easier. Players can obtain the daily quests by interacting with the Doc Zemmet hologram simulations close to where you get contracts in your capital city, as well as the starting and finish lines for each zTrack. Before you begin a zTrack, the associated daily quest will provide you with the ability to teleport to its starting line, helping you get to the action a bit faster.


While the invitational itself knows no faction loyalty, you should always remember the war for Nexus. And then there’s still the other denizens and invaders of Nexus; how will they feel about the bojos, buttheads, and slackers hovering to and fro?

The holorings, jump pads, and speed boosts for each zTrack will remain installed until the end of the event, regardless of daily quest availability, just in case you want to do some practice runs before next day’s race.


The New Products

Of course, hovering around is fun and all that, but what’s in it for you? The Hoverboard zPrix Invitational introduces some excellent new zemTech products. One is exclusive to the in-game store, but thre rest are daily quest rewards, so make sure you hit the zTracks early to scoop up all the loot you can.

  • Costume Pieces: zemTech’s partnered with some of Nexus’ next-level action-fashion designers to launch a limited run of an outfit that will make your Holo-Wardrobe holo-burst: the zHat! The zJacket! zPants! And, zKicks!
  • Toys: The new 88-Proof Boardwax and 1.21 Gigazaps toys will make even the most face-challenged Mordesh smile. The former makes your hoverboard move even faster (with some potential, unintended side effects), and the latter can make you move faster—just consider warning companions following you around that your increased speed could be a little… shocking.
  • Housing Décor: No holiday would be complete without new housing décor. Here are the newest décors: The Burning Track, which is a trail of continuous fire, and the 10:04 Lightning Bolt, which is a lightning bolt that repeatedly strikes the place of your choosing.
  • Titles: Hoverboarder slang used across the galaxy is the basis of three new title rewards – so if you fancy yourself a Slacker, a Butthead, or Bojo, then it’s your lucky long weekend.
  • Hoverboard and Flair: Last, but certainly not least, the release of a limited-edition hoverboard and flair bundle will see the day of light: The zBoard 88 with optional LeDorian accessories! zemTech proves they’re the supreme ruler of hoverboards yet again!

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If you would like to know more about the mechanics in place during this unique hoverboard celebration event, you should visit the official WildStar website. It’s time to hover through the air!

Source: WildStar Hoverboard zPrix Invitational Announcement

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