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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Blade & Soul

In addition to the Rising Waters update, the Valentine’s Day event has just begun in Blade & Soul.

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul players can celebrate Valentine’s Day with an assortment of events, bundles, and costumes. Currently, there are two exclusive bundles: one for female characters and one for male. Both include 10 Unsealing Charms and 12 White Roses. The male bundle comes with the Lover Boy costume, Lover Boy Bow Tie & Lover Boy Sunglasses while the female one includes the Pure White costume & Classy glasses adornment.

For those feeling adventurous, characters level 16 and up will receive a letter each day from an NPC in Jadestone Village. Players will be tasked with undertaking a small quest of affection, and if the task is completed before the NPC loses interest there will be a reward of red roses and love potions. White roses, however, can only be obtained from dynamic quests found in dungeons.

Transmute white and red roses to create a powerful new gem and a chest filled with holiday-themed goodies. The Valentine’s Day event will last until February 24, so spread the love.

Our Thoughts:

Blade & Soul has been producing new content at a considerable rate since the official launch. Not only is there a Valentine’s Day themed event starting today, but Rising Waters added new end-game dungeons. Furthermore, Blade & Soul has officially hit 2 million players.

Source: NCSoft

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