Challenge at Valkyrie Sky to be toughened with the “hard mode” update

Challenge at Valkyrie Sky to be toughened with the “hard mode” update

Seoul, February 3 —œ Global game portal GameKiss announced that shoot’em up MMO Valkyrie Sky will release an update that adds the hard mode system and will increase the level cap in the game on Feb. 3.

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The newly updated hard mode system will intensively demonstrate that control skills are the most important unlike in other MMORPG games in which gamers’ levels and equipment equal the ability. Users who have cleared the normal stage will be given one chance a day to fight in the hard mode. In the hard mode the level of difficulty will rise every ten seconds, therefore the gamers will never be able to loosen their tension because the mode ends once gamers get hit by a barrage.

The reward value is expected to be as attractive as the difficulty. When gamers collect the “medal” items, given as a reward at the hard mode, they are able to purchase items with special functions within the game. The function of the special items include, boosting the initial damage on weapons or adding features to armors and accessories. The Valkyrie Sky team expects the items to be immensely popular among users because of their usefulness.

Furthermore, GameKiss will update eye-opening contents on this update. The level cap will be raised from Level 40 to Level 50. Plus four more maps and stages will be opened and various costume sets will be added to the game.

Along with the update for Valkyrie Sky, GameKiss will host three events that will reward pay-for items throughout February. The newly updated items will be included in the rewards, satisfying users’ curiosity about the new items.

More details about the update and various events for Valkyrie Sky can be found at the official website,

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