Champions Online: August Gold Membership Reward Announced

Champions Online has announced their August Gold Membership reward. This month, players can cash into receive an inflatable giraffe.

Champions Online Gold Membership Reward


Throughout the month of August (August 1st through August 31st), Champions Online will allow Gold Members to “cash in” and receive an inflatable giraffe in-game item. The item can be worn around the waist for late summer crime fighting shenanigans.

From the dev blog:

The August Bonus for Gold Subscribers is approaching! This month’s reward is the Inflatable Giraffe and will be available starting August 1 through August 31. This awesome summer piece is now available on the Public Test Server for preview!

This is a bonus perk for subscribers only, as an addition to freeform power selection and all the other benefits of being a Champions Online Gold Member. You’ll be able to claim them from a new NPC in the Renaissance Center, the Gold Bonus Vendor.

Again, the bonus is only available to subscribers, but once the calendar month is over, the item will become unavailable. Players who buy lifetime memberships, however, will have access to both the giraffe inflatable and every Gold Membership item ever released.

For more information on the inflatable giraffe and subscriptions, visit the official developer blog here.

Source: Arc Games

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