Chris Metzen to World of Warcraft Players: Don’t Panic

Hey there! Are you one of those World of Warcraft players so affected by the War of Thorns storyline that you’re threatening devs and writers? Well first of all, knock it off you’re acting like an assclown at best and a psychopath at worst. And second of all, take some good advice from former lead Chris Metzen and try to wait until things play out.

war of thorns storyline

The outcry and reaction from Warcraft players has roused a response from Metzen in an attempt to join other voices who are looking to soothe the ravening Twitterverse. Subtweeting a tweet thread which recalled something Metzen said during a Blizzcon charity dinner about waiting for the whole story tapestry to unfurl, he repeated his advice once again in relation to the game’s current events.

“My counsel is that everyone take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. I will,” writes Metzen. “You haven’t seen the whole form of the wave yet. As Douglas Adams would tell you – Don’t panic!”

Reaction to the advice has been perceptually mixed. “They said the same about Garrosh, the same about WoD storyline, this is nothing new, just damage control,” writes one Redditor. “I was unhappy about the direction they went with the story line this week. I still hold out hope they will surprise us with something unexpected,” reads another post.

Ultimately, though, people appear to take at least a few of the things being said to heart. “The tweet thread he quoted there is good and I recommend people read the whole thing,” advises another Redditor.

Our Thoughts

This is indeed very good advice from Mr. Metzen. Seriously, though, some “fans” need to knock it off. There are some of us who are new to this game (believe it or not) and you’re making it really, really challenging to like the game or want to play with others.

Sources: Twitter, World of Warcraft subreddit

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