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Chromie and Medivh Are Coming to Heroes of the Storm

New characters Chromie and Medivh are coming to Heroes of the Storm, and will be joining the game’s roster in May and June, respectively. Along with the introduction of the new characters, a revamp of ranked play is in the works, aimed at simplifying and streamling the ranking and match queuing processes.

Chromie and Medivh Are Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Chromie, a character well known to all World of Warcraft fans, will be introduced first, coming to North American servers on May 17, and being released worldwide by May 19. Chromie is a long ranged mage, who is very frail but who is able to deal a staggering amount of damage. Chromie’s Time Walker trait allows her to learn her talents 1 level early, and she is equipped with a vast array of damaging ranged attacks, such as Dragon’s Breath, a long range single target bolt which strikes for high damage, or Dragon’s Breath, a rain of sand which damages enemies in an area and which shows enemy players no warning it is incoming.

Chromie and Medivh Are Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Medivh joins the roster on June 14 for North America, and will be playable worldwide by June 16. Medivh, who hails from Warcraft III, is something of a utility character who focuses on disabling his enemies more than outright destroying them. A trait allows him to transform into a Raven, and while in Raven form, he can fly freely across the map and is untargetable and invulnerable; however, using an Ability while in Raven form will immediately force him to land. He can also open a Portal at his feet and at a target point for six seconds, which allies can use to freely travel back and forth between the two points, shield an ally with Force of Will and make them immune to all damage for 1.5 seconds, and more.

The rank play revision divides the ranks into Tiers and Divisions. Tiers are larger categories, meant to give a general idea of a player’s skill, and they go from Bronze – the lowest – up through Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Grand Master, the highest rank. Divisions are subdivisions of Tiers, and giving some indication how close a player is to advancing to the next Tier… or falling back a Tier; a Tier is divided into 5 Divisions. Players will play through a series of placement matches at the beginning of every season which will determine their initial ranking, and then every ranked match they compete in will allow them to gain or lose points. If they gain or lose enough points, they will be placed into a special match to determine if they advance or descend a Tier. Players will only be able to compete with players whose ranks are within 1 Division of their own Tier, which means that a gold player could party with, and play against, players in Silver 5 through Platinum 1. Additionally, silenced players will not be able to queue for Hero League matches.

Players who wish to know more about Chromie and Medivh should read our preview for a more extensive explanation of the characters and their capabilities. And players who wish to know more about the changes to the ranking system can read this article for further thoughts and examination of the changes.


Our Thoughts:

The news that Chromie and Medivh are coming to Heroes of the Storm is wonderful news; nothing keeps gameplay in a game like HotS fresh like new characters and the new dynamics they bring. The announcement of the revamping of the ranking system is just icing on the cake; HotS is a popular game, and it’s awesome to know that all those fans will have some idea how they stack up against their favorite pro players!

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