CIG Fires Back at Crytek Lawsuit

The attorneys for Cloud Imperium Games have been busy writing up some words in response to the Crytek contract lawsuit that was filed in December. Words like “immaterial, impertinent, and scandalous” and “contrived”.

crytek contract lawsuit

According to a filing made by CIG’s lawyers, the game license agreement that Crytek is referencing in their initial suit “eliminates virtually every claim and remedy Crytek seeks” while the company’s own admission that CIG are using Lumberyard to develop Star Citizen and Squadron 42 “gets rid of the rest”.

“This action never should have been filed. The allegations[…]bear absolutely no material relation to any claim or named party, and have everything to do with generating misleading, scandalous press.”

The lawyers counter that the original Crytek agreement states CryEngine’s use in developing Squadron 42 and the then-called Space Citizen title were covered in the contract. Additionally, the filing states the agreement provided CIG with an “exclusive right, not a duty” to use CryEngine, and that Crytek is hiding the agreement in order to contort exclusivity as a requirement for the company to use the engine.

CIG is recommending that the court read the license agreement associated with the suit and is asking for the case to be dismissed “in its entirety, with prejudice”.

Our Thoughts

Assuming that the agreement does indeed include the statements referenced by CIG, then it sounds like this case is probably one for the trash bin. That said, we have no access to the agreement at the heart of this entire matter, so we’ll just wait and see what the court has to say.

Source: Motion to Dismiss filing via Eurogamer

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